Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Affiliate Program

Want to Earn Money with Your Soap
Making Website?

Did you know that you can help people learn to make soap and make money at the same time?  If you
have a soap making website, it can be very easy.  Whether you are just a hobbyist looking for a few extra dollars or a seasoned affiliate, you will find this program to be a great money maker.

It is very easy and I’m about to show you how it is done.

When you sell my Cold Process Video I will give you a commission of 67%
on each sale you generate.  That comes out to $30.28 per sale.

At first $30.28 doesn’t sound like a lot of money, does it?

Well take a look at this chart.


Sales/Day Daily
1 $30.28 $908.40 $11,052.20
2 $60.56 $1,816.80 $22,104.40
5 $151.40 $4,542.00 $55,261.00
10 $302.80 $9,084.00 $110,522.00


Yeah, now you see what I’m talking about.  The amount of money you can make is unlimited.

But let’s say that you only put forth a minimal amount of effort and make one sale per day.  That’s still $908.40/month!

Even better, the program is completely free!  All you have to do is sign up!


Why Would I Offer 67%?

I am going to pay you 67% because I need your help.  Basically it comes down to teaching as many interested people to make soap as possible.  I am willing to pay you a commission that is higher than what I will make in order to do this.

The video is great.

I know it’s great.

Everyone who has seen the video says it’s great.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean anything if I can’t get it into people’s hands.  That’s where you come in.  You promote the video, you make sales, and you earn 67%.  Your help in getting this video out there is worth 67% to me.


Why Not Just Promote the Video Without Signing Up Here?

If you have experience in affiliate marketing, you may be asking yourself this question. There are two


“But I Don’t Have a ClickBank Account”

That’s not a problem at all.

ClickBank is the service that does the transactions for me. Signing up with them is free and only takes a few minutes.

All you have to do is click this link and follow the instructions. After you have your ClickBank login name, come back and fill in the form below.


“How Do I Get Started?”

Getting started is incredibly easy.  Just follow the steps below.

Soon you will be set up and ready to make money with your site.

Tools to Get You Started on the Path to

Earning 67% Commission Today!


Your Affiliate Links

The following are links you can use the promote the Soap Making Fun products available on this site.  Simply replace the XXXXX with your Clickbank ID:

1.  Soap Making Fun: Your Visual Guide to the Cold Process (How to Make Soap Video Course):


2.  Soap Making Fun: Business Guide:


3.  Soap Business Success Method (How to Use the Web to Increase Your Soap Business):




You can use any of the videos available on the Soap Making Fun YouTube channel in order to promote our products.

Soap Making Fun on YouTube


You can use any of the articles on the Soap Making Fun EzineArticles account as well.

Soap Making Fun on EzineArticles


Email Swipe Examples

This document contains 3 emails that you can use in your autoresponder to promote our “how to make soap” video course.

Email Swipe Document


Keywords & PPC Ads

Here are some keywords and example PPC ads that you can use:

Soap Making Keywords

Proven PPC Ads

Banners & Images

The following are some banner images that you can use to promote the video. Replace the XXXXX with your
ClickBank ID.


soap video





Free Report

free report



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