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Chamomile Face Soap Recipe MakeBathProducts.com

Make Your Own Soap with Chamomile or Other Natural Ingredients!

I found this recipe for a chamomile face soap from MakeBathProducts.com.

Chamomile is known to have numerous beneficial properties that would be great to have in any soap.  Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory, is an anti-bacterial agent, and can help soothe muscles.

Chamomile Soap Recipe Ingredients

You can get the ingredients below at Mountain Rose Herbs, Amazon.com (for lye), and your local grocery store.


As an alternative to the chamomile tea from a bag, you can make your own strong chamomile tea using 1/2 cup water steeped with 2 ounces of chamomile buds.

You can get the specific amounts at the MakeBathProducts.com.


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