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How to Make Goats’ Milk Soaps


The popularity of goats’ milk soaps has increased tremendously.  Goats’ milk is known for its nurturing properties and its ability to cleanse your skin.

With its growing popularity, this soap is definitely one that you will want to master.  This is true whether you make your soap for pleasure or profit.  Hopefully both!

The recipe on the following page comes from the Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe.


Goats’ Milk Soaps and Their Ingredients

I have collected some of the ingredients called for in the goats’ milk soap recipe for you.  The links take you to Mountain Rose Herbs, the site I get many of my ingredients from.  They specialize in organic products and have a huge selection to choose from.  Their products are top quality and you will be able to tell from the finished soap you make.

  • Pure Olive Oil – Olive oil has been known to have many beneficial properties for centuries. The olive oil at Mountain Rose Herbs is unrefined and certified to be organic.
  • Pure Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is often used to rejuvenate skin and is thought to have the ability to reduce the formation of wrinkles.  Both refined and unrefined coconut oil is available for your soap and both are certified to be organic.
  • Pure Palm Oil – The antioxidants on palm oil are thought to reduce the effects of the aging process on your skin.  You will want to use the palm kernel oil listed on this page.
  • Ginger Essential Oil – Ginger oil possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. This oil is also certified to be organic at Mountain Rose Herbs.  You could also choose to experiment with other essential oils for this recipe.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract – A powerful antibacterial agent, grapefruit seed extract is also used to reduce scar tissue.


How to Make Goats’ Milk Soap Instructions

Click the following link to get the full instructions and necessary equipment to make your goats’ milk soap.

Goats’ Milk Soap Instructions

Enjoy Your Organic Goats’ Milk Soap!


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