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Lemon Soap Recipe

If you love lemons or citrus, you’re going to love this cold process recipe.

You can test out this recipe yourself at!

essoilpromo Lemon Soap Recipe

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11 Responses to “Lemon Soap Recipe”
  1. Tina karaway says:

    I love your website! The email tips inspire ideas that I haven’t thought about in years. Thank you kindly for taking the time to put these references together and sharing them with fellow soap draftees such as myself. I really enjoy them daily.

    • soapmakerj says:

      Thanks, Tina! I love getting feedback from everyone. It helps me to keep things on the right track! The products you have on your site look great, by the way=)

  2. debra leroy says:

    hi my name is debra and i just wanted to know if you have a recipe for brown sugar & fig cold process soap recipe? also thank you for spending so much time on perfecting new soap recipes. i love them!!!!!! thank you and hope to hear from you soon!!!!

    • soapmakerj says:

      Hey Debra,

      Thanks for the comment=) I don’t a recipe like that but I will look online to see if I can find one.

    • Frank Riley says:

      When using sugar in your recipie you should consider when you add it. If you add it to the lye water while still hot and waiting to cool, the sugar will convert to glycolic acid (which is usually a $35 spa treatment, google it to learn more.)You can also add it at trace and it tends to remain in the bar as a light exfoliant. You can also sprinkle some of the brown sugar lightly on the bottom of your mold and then again on the top of your frreshly poured soap. This will giv a little of a sugar scrub effect.

  3. hi, have a good day!my name is susie i enjoy reading all your info.

    And am much very thankful for that, even though sometime my soap making fun is failure..

  4. Wanda says:

    Thank you for your help and support. These emails are so helpful.

  5. Frank Riley says:

    Great idea using Lemongrass EO for you lemon bar. Citrus EOs tend to fade away quickly and Lemongrass hangs on for quite a while.
    I would caution people about soybean oil, it tends to clog pores. and since most of us ‘Soapers” superfat our recipies 5% there will be unsaponified soybean oil as well as the other oils free in the bar.
    You might also consider using Safflower powder to produce a pretty yellow in the soap when added at trace. Use at the rate of about 1 – 2 teaspoons per pound of oils. You can incorporate more or less depending on the shade you are going for.
    I also make a “lemon” bar that I incorporate ground lemon peels for a gardeners/mechanic type soap.

  6. Susan says:

    I look foreword to you emails,,good recipes and ideas,,,,,question is,,,,,can any hot process be made into a cold process soap and visa versa,,,and can a recipe be doubled

  7. Thank you for these great recipes. I use them to make the household soaps, and give to family and friends. They love it. Bless you.

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