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Goats’ Milk Soap with the Hot Process

This is a hot process recipe for making goats’ milk soap.  All of the ingredients and measurements can be found at:


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6 Responses to “Goats’ Milk Soap with the Hot Process”
  1. joan innes says:

    Why are you using borax,sugar,seasalt in your recipe. What are the benefits?

  2. kimberly harman says:

    Ive found this cold process recepe for Vaseline soap,and ive tried ntried n it hardens but its sooo Brittle whne i go to cut it its not worth anything.Any tips on what im doing wrong?thanks K.Harman

  3. Joyce says:

    just an fyi… the link to brenda’s goat milk soap pops up a page saying the site is suspended.

  4. Hussein Almzwed says:

    Thank you very much, dear.

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