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Robyn’s Shampoo Bar

Here is a recipe for a shampoo bar that Robyn submitted in one of the comments on the site.

With this recipe, you will be able to customize the scent and properties by using your favorite essential oil.

Thanks, Robyn!

Robyn’s Shampoo Bar Ingredients

You can get most of the ingredients you need from Mountain Rose Herbs and Amazon.comAmazon even carries lye that you can use.

4 lb batch

12 oz coconut oil
19 oz mid grade olive oil (not virgin or pomace)
12 oz castor oil
6 oz lye
16 oz distilled water
1/2 oz your favorite essential oil (If the bar is to be used by a pregnant woman DO NOT USE ROSEMARY)

1st in a stainless steel pan combine the water and lye then rest of the oils (except essential) and heat to 100 degrees F. Stirring GENTLY and constantly with metal spoon. Once reaching the proper temperature add your essential and stir in completely.

Pour into mold(s)lined with saran wrap or vaseline. Insulate (cover) for 24 hours. Uncover and leave in mold until soap is hard enough to take out (usually 4-6 days). When hard enough remove from mold and cut into desired size bars. Allow to cure for 4-5 weeks. This soap remains soft for quite a considerable time longer than normal cold pressed soap. IT DOES EVENTUALLY HARDEN into nice bars. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to “Robyn’s Shampoo Bar”
  1. cathy dickman says:

    I love reading all the lye recipes – I sure want to give it a try – I now have all the ingredients – but kind of scared would love to make it with someone who has made it before at least one time — maybe someday I will get the courage to try it


    • soapmakerj says:

      I’m sure you will, Cathy=) It’s not nearly as scary as you might think it is. Let us know when you make your first batch!

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