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Biggest Soap Making Mistakes of Beginners Pt. 2

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Discover the biggest mistakes that beginners make with soap making.


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April 10, 2011 by  
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2 Responses to “Biggest Soap Making Mistakes of Beginners Pt. 2”
  1. Hussein Almzwed says:

    From many years ago I wished to be a soap ( liquid soap and hard), shampoo, and detegent maker . I am a geologist and have not enough informations , sure chemical ,technical and another steps of producing for sale and to build my project but I can say that I am near to understand because the chemical process in not so far to me . When I find you on net , I make sure that there are people , good people helping anothers to make their aims a fact. I thank you very much and think that you will help me in making soap business.

    • soapmakerj says:

      Thanks! I wish you the best of luck in developing your soap making skills and your business. I hope that the information on the site and the newsletter will be of some help to you=)

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