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Handmade Soap for Personalized Body Care

Look in the personal hygiene section of any supermarket or department store and your eyes will behold a plethora of bath soaps.  Many of these soaps are manufactured by conglomerates with an international presence and are priced anywhere from mere cents to upwards of a hundred dollars.  They are advertised on television, radio, in printed publications, and on the Internet.  They are endorsed by Hollywood stars and supermodels.  Underneath the glitz and glamour of marketing, however, commercial soaps are mostly generic, using chemicals and artificial ingredients.  For something different and personal, handmade soap is a good thing to consider.


Basic Handmade Soap Facts

Soap making is a handicraft with its own set of enthusiasts.  The process involves the mixing of ingredients such as lye or sodium hydroxide, fats and oils (derived from animals or vegetables), and water.  A process called saponification ensues when the lye and oils combine, neutralizing the harsh effects of lye to produce a substance called glycerin in the soap.

The fun part comes in the selection and addition of ingredients for the soap’s color and scent.  Commercially manufactured soaps usually have artificial coloring and fragrance, but with handmade soap, you can add natural ingredients such as flowers, fruits, and other plant extracts.  Not only do these components feel and smell good, many of them actually have aromatherapy benefits.


Handmade Soap in Aromatherapy

Essential oils from plants, and other plant and animal products, should be added to handmade soaps if one wants to experience their health benefits on an intimate basis.  For instance, milk can be added to enhance the skin’s luster; cinnamon makes for a spicy aroma; ginger oil tones the skin because of its astringent properties; natural olive oil pampers sensitive skin; oatmeal relieves skin itchiness and helps fight acne.  There are so many more natural oils and fragrances that can be added, and a person can adjust the strength of these ingredients to suit his or her personal taste.


Getting More Personal with Handmade Soap

Handmade soap can be personalized not just with regard to its contents, but according to shape, size, and color, too! Different molds are available to create personal styles, shapes and designs. A person can fashion molds of the shapes he or she wants, or they can be bought in soap-making or handicraft stores. Imagine the enjoyment children will have with mild, handmade soap fashioned in fun shapes, like their favorite cartoon characters or nature-themed designs.

Handmade soap is also an ideal giveaway at events like weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers.  They can also be used as corporate giveaways.  If making soap by one’s self is not possible, there are companies and other businesses that will make them according to the customer’s specifications.  This is ideal for large jobs.  But if you just want to try something different, or give a unique gift to someone special, handmade soap may just be the thing.  It shows a personal touch that will surely make someone feel appreciated – something that even the most expensive commercial soap cannot do.

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