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How to Get More Lather from Your Soap

As soon as people start making soap, one of the first things they want to learn is how to get more lather from their soap. There are a number of ways to do this, including the use of certain ingredients like castor oil.

Over at About.com, they have another set of methods for making sudsier (if that’s even a word) soap!


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2 Responses to “How to Get More Lather from Your Soap”
  1. Yeshimabett King| says:

    I have already purchased this ‘visual guide to the Cold Process’ method of making soap from your company and have been following this method from the beginning to produce quite a variety of home made soaps. My concern with all of my batches is that there is very little lather or suds from any of my batches, despite the inclusion of Olive oil, Castor oil and 100% Coconut oil in the recipes. I even added sugar but still no positive results. My soap comes out smelling quite nice and firm but NO SUDS!

    Please advise me on how I can further develop the quality and quantity of lather in my soap making.

    Thank you in advance.

    Mrs.Yeshimabett King.

  2. Al Freed says:

    Actually no tricky ingredients are required to get soap that bubbles like crazy. The real key to soap bubbles is the coconut oil. Use coconut oil at about 30 percent of the oils with palm at about 30 and olive as the rest and you will get bubbles – on one condition. You cannot have very high superfat ratios or the soap will not bubble. You must discount the amount of lye required to turn all the oil to soap at about 5 to 6 percent. More than that and you get the excess oil “breaking” the bubbles. It’s easy to get bubbles.

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