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Liquid Soap Making & Your Blender

liquid soap making - potassium hydroxide

Potassium Hydroxide is Necessary for Liquid Soap Making

If you’ve become interested in soap making, it is almost guaranteed that you have become curious about liquid soap. Regular bar soap naturally hardens once the soap mix reaches “trace” and is set in the molds. If this is the case, then how is liquid soap made?  What is used to keep the soap in liquid form rather than hardening and taking the shape of the soap dispenser?

The secret is KOH, potassium hydroxide.  Whereas bar soap is created using sodium hydroxide, or lye, liquid soap uses potassium hydroxide for the saponification process.  Check out this article to get a little more information on the subject as well as two recipes to test out.  The author indicates that a blender is used for creating these soaps.

Remember to be sure that you NEVER use a piece of equipment for food preparation after it has been used to make soap.on how you can remain safe while creating your batches of soap.  The author goes into detail on 8 different methods for soap making safety.

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  1. Justin says:

    I never thought about using a blender for soap… great idea! 😉

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