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Handmade Natural Soap Making: Differences Between Handmade Soap and Manufactured Soap

Handmade natural soap or home made soap is made from a combination of oils or animal fat and sodium hydroxide, also known as lye. This is in stark contrast to manufactured soaps that use cheaper ingredients and chemicals for production.

One of the major benefits found in handmade natural soap is the presence of glycerin. Glycerin is a byproduct of the saponification process and works to provide your skin with a moisturizing layer. This glycerin is very valuable and the companies producing manufactured soap will remove it in order to sell the glycerin in other products like lotions and moisturizers.

To make things worse, manufactured soap is often created using petroleum distillates are instead of natural oils. These petroleum distillates are known to aggravate sensitive skin and exasperate chronic skin ailments like eczema. By contrast, the natural ingredients in handmade soap will often counteract these same skin conditions!


Make Your Own Handmade Natural Soap

If you’re planning to make your own soap, you’ll love the ability to determine exactly what characteristics you want in a bar of soap. Do you like a lot of lather? Maybe you enjoy a bar of soap that is especially hard or one that contains natural exfoliants? Whatever you want, you can create with the right knowledge.

When it comes to creating those desired characteristics, it all comes down to the oils you use. Both the carrier oils (which are used as the majority component of your soap) and the essential oils (those used for scenting the soap) will impart specific properties to your soap – properties that are rarely present in manufactured soap.

All in all, learning how to make handmade natural soap is definitely worth the effort. Beyond the ability to use great soap that promotes healthy skin, you’ll also have a great time making it!

If you are just starting out in learning how to make homemade soap, it is suggested that you start with either the cold process or melt & pour. The free Soap Making Fun Newsletter is full of recipes, tips, and articles for you to use. You can sign up and get a report on the “Dangers of Commercial Soaps”!

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