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Saponification Values

If you have been making soap for a decent amount of time, you have probably considered trying your hand at creating your own recipes. When designing your soap recipe, it is important to have the correct ratio of lye to oils/fat.  Not having this correctly portioned can result in either too many lye molecules left unsaponified or too many oil/fat molecules left floating around.  Either way, the result will often be a failed batch of soap.

What are Saponification Values?

Saponification values (SAP) are sometimes called “saponification numbers”. These numbers represent the amount, in milligrams, of lye needed to convert an oil/fat molecule into a single gram of soap.  SAP varies based on the types of oils/fats being used in the recipe.

How Do I Find Saponification Values?

In order to find the correct SAP for the oils/fat you intend to use in your recipe, you will need a lye calculator.  You can also use this chart and its numbers.


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