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Fun with Soap Scrubs

Soap scrubs play a very important role in skin care products. What these scrubs offer is the ability to aid in removing the body’s excess oils, cleansing the skin, and giving your body that overall refreshed feeling. In the past such scrubs had been relegated to only expensive spas, however, now you can create them yourself.


Soap Scrub Benefits

As you may or may not know, soap is used for cleaning because of its ability to reduce the surface tension of dirt. By doing so, it make it easier to remove the dirt from your body and wash it away. A soap scrub acts as an extra element to break up this dirt and exfoliate your skin. It is this exfoliation provided by the soap scrub that will help to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.

To add fragrance to a basic recipe, essentials oils may be added to this mix. The scent and amount varies according to personal taste, so go ahead and experiment to find the scent combination that appeals to you.


Customizing Your Soap Scrub

There are a variety of methods you can use to personalize your soap. For example, you can add ground coffee beans to your soap mix just after trace. Not only will your soap take on the aroma of coffee, the ground beans will become uncovered as you use the soap. These exposed beans will act as the scrub to help removed dead skin cells and dirt.

You can even create a special soap scrub especially for feet. Combining an anti-fungal soap recipe and natural exfoliating scrubs work wonders. Not only will the anti-fungal properties of the soap help to eliminate odors and unwanted conditions such as athletes’ foot, the scrub will keep your feet soft.

As always, be aware that different skin type handle scrubs in different ways. While one person may be able handle coffee beans in the soap, another person may get irritated skin. With that said, you should feel free to experiment. What other natural products could you use to create your own soap scrubs? See how many scent/exfoliant combinations you can come up with that would compliment each other.


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