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Valentine’s Recipes to Try

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast this year. To be honest, it has caught me a bit off guard. Even so, here are some great projects that you can do even though time is short!

The videos were created by


How to Make Soap Heart Bars (Melt & Pour)


How to Make Valentine’s Cupcake Soaps (Melt & Pour)


Want to Learn More About Melt & Pour Soap Making?

Shona O'Connor's Soap Making Course is the Best I've Seen for Melt & Pour

I recently had an opportunity to check out Shona O’Connor’s “Soap Making Course”.  I can safely say that it is the best course on melt & pour soap making that I’ve seen.

The course gives you everything you need in order to go from never having made melt & pour soap to being able to do advanced projects like creating soap petals from flowers!

It is broken down into 23 short, individual videos so that you do not get overwhelmed.  The videos cover:

  • Adding Colors & Fragrances the Right Way
  • How to Add Herbs, Petals, and Other Additives
  • The Secret to “Floating” Additives So They Don’t Clump
  • How to Create Incredible Marbling Effects
  • How to Layer Your Soap So That It Comes Out Right – Every Time!
  • Fun Projects Like Creating Loofah Soaps
  • And More!


Shona’s Soap Making Course also includes the following bonuses:

  • The Essential Secrets of Packaging and Labeling
  • Marketing Tips for Getting Your Soap Business Started
  • Personal 1-On-1 Email Guidance from Shona O’Connor for 12 Months!
  • And 10 Additional Bonus Videos (Not Mentioned on Her Site) that Have More Melt & Pour Projects for You!


Shona really went all out with this course and it shows.  I had a chance to correspond with her last week and she seems like a great person who genuinely loves to teach soap making.  In fact, she used to teach melt & pour soap making courses out of her home when she was in the UK!

If you’ve always wanted to master melt & pour soap making or you want to start your soap making adventure without worrying about handling lye – this is course gets my biggest recommendation!

Click Here to Find Out More About Shona’s “Soap Making Course”!




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One Response to “Valentine’s Recipes to Try”
  1. Yeshimabett King| says:

    It would be very helpful for me if I could actually get the written instructions as apposed to the videos, as my computer is not condusive to the u-tube videos. Keeps cutting out most of the spoken words and is extremely slow to upload.

    Thanks for all your help with previous written instruction recipes. They have been a great help in developing my knowledge, confidence and experience in my new soap making hobby.

    Yeshimabett King.

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