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Soap Making for Profit

Soap Making for Profit

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Do you love to make soap or have you ever admired handmade soap products in a store? Soap making can be an incredibly profitable business if done correctly. Before diving into this, or any business, it is best to test whether it is something that you will enjoy doing on a consistent basis.

Take a soap class and invest in the protective gear needed to create your soap making business. At a minimum, you will need protective goggles, rubber gloves, long-sleeved shirts and pants when working with lye.


Soap Making for Profit – The Practical Side

Finding soap making recipes is relatively easy and resources include your local bookstore or the Internet. There are also a plethora of essential oils that you can buy to scent your soaps and hundreds of companies who sell discounted rubber soap molds – both with basic designs and those for special occasions.

Make sure to purchase business insurance even while working out of your home. Your home or renter’s insurance most likely will not cover a law suit should someone have an allergic reaction to one of your skin care products. Take the extra precaution.


Soap Making for Profit – How to Market Your Soap Business

There are several places to market your products. These include opening an online or brick-and-mortar store, marketing at trade shows, holding in-house soap parties or asking friends to hold soap parties for their friends. Determine a marketing budget at the outset of your business and revise it monthly as needed.

Finally, once you have your soap making business up and running, you can earn an additional income by teaching soap making classes. There is a huge interest in these types of arts and crafts and it is a great way to earn a side income while reaching out to potential customers.

Soap making for profit can be fun and lucrative if you remember to treat it like a business.

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2 Responses to “Soap Making for Profit”
  1. Michael says:

    I have a question,I have my soaps at a craft shop for sale, is it my responibility to ask the owner of the shop how the sales are going or is it the owners responsibility?

    • soapmakerj says:

      I would say that it is your responsibility to ask. Try to get the shop owner to agree to keep track of how each item is selling. You can do that yourself if you have to but it is much easier for you if the shop owner is keeping up with it. If you two never made an agreement on this, then it will be all your responsibility.

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